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Spirit Sales is an Independent Sales Representative serving the wholesale needs of retailers in a five state area. Specializing in meeting the needs of local independent retailers in the general gift, New Age/Metaphysical, music, clothing, jewelry, religious, tobacco, fragrance and other specialty industries.

Spirit Sales feels that helping our retailers find the right products for their store by getting to know the store, its clientele and working cooperatively with the owners and buyers is superior to the “sell-sell-sell” approach used by a majority of the Sales Representatives in the field today.

Spirit Sales strives to provide its customers with the best possible products, the most comprehensive information on all the lines we represent and to provide and the most frank, honest and informed opinions possible.

Spirit Sales mission is to be more than just a sales representative, they strive to be the retailers most trusted resource.

“The Right Products for The Right Stores”
                                                                                    -Our Maxim

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